Video Poker – Come and play the casino classic free of charge

video poker screen

It was in the mid 1970’s that Video Poker was first introduced. It was a very basic version and it wasn’t until 1979 that the draw version of poker was put on screen. Video poker became hugely popular throughout the 80’s and is still one of the favourites around the world now. With there being so many sites now offering free online casino games it means it’s not hard to find free video poker in most casinos. Free video poker games will allow you to get the feel of the game if you are new, or to learn the video poker strategy if you are not.

As with any games that may be new to you, it’s good to try out the free video poker options when you start

Although the concept behind video poker online is an easy one to pick up, there’s always time to perfect the way you approach online video poker. By looking around you can learn how to play video poker quite easily. There is video poker trainer software available to you so when you are actually starting on video poker slot machines for proper cash, you’ll know exactly what you are doing.

Although the idea behind video poker is simple, the video poker strategy can be complicated

You’re at the video poker machines, you’re getting a few small wins and now you want to win some bigger money. This is where the strategy comes in and it all works around mathematical equations on odds of what cards could come out if you were to hold certain cards. Each bet you make, each card you keep, is going to throw out a different ratio for a certain hand. The strategy teaches you which cards to hold if you’re hoping for a high hand such as a possible straight flush or royal flush. This is why doing it through a video poker free online option first is a smart move.

It can also be fun to put aside the gambling sometimes and just enjoy experiencing video poker free

Video poker games can also be used as a form of entertainment. Free online video poker is no stress, all fun and a good way to chill out. You don’t always have to play it as a means to something else so use the video poker free option for exactly what it is, a free game to enjoy. Once the cards are dealt, it’s just you and the machine. You decide whether you are trying to get a big hand or if a pair of jacks or better is fine for you. Take advantage of the free play without the risk and take as much information from it as you can.

There may be slightly different versions of free video poker games so bear that in mind when playing

As with any casino games, you may find different variations of video poker games free and real money options. One of the main differences are some involve the joker as a wild card, giving you the chance of playing for five of a kind. That would mean the jackpot can differ between games also. You can also get promotions or an offer that may help you when you are playing at the virtual table. Payouts will increase the harder the hand obviously. A pair of deuces is going to pay less than three of a kind, which will pay less than four of a kind and so on and so forth.

One thing that can be sure is that video poker games are still just as popular as they’ve ever been

The rules are simple, the winning is easy if you’re going for the smaller amounts, it’s one of the oldest form of slots around and it’s always going to give out maximum enjoyment. There will always be good offers available and hopefully, using these offers will lower the edge and provide you with a better chance of a decent payout. Don’t be afraid to look at different versions as it may not be the standard version you prefer so another version might be the one that gives you big winnings.

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